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Who We Are

Shana started out in 1996 and since then has come a long way, distributing in Canada as well as the UK. We are the pioneers and market leaders of frozen exotic vegetables, authentic snacks and traditional South Asian flatbreads. Our innovation, authenticity and high quality is something that we pride ourselves on. Today Shana is recognised as a leader in the frozen industry and is the preferred brand among Ethnic independent retailers and supermarket chains.

We know that cooking traditional flavoursome Indian food from scratch can be an exhausting and daunting ordeal, not forgetting hugely time consuming! That's why Shana brings you an authentic taste without all the hassle to make your life easier. To show you just how much we believe in and are committed to our products, we have a quality policy which guarantees that if you are not completely satisfied a refund will be made. Just return the packaging to our customer service team stating the nature of your complaint as well as when and where the product was purchased. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To enrich lives with the discovery of the true taste of exotic cultures by delivering simple, authentic and delicious tasting food.

Our Promise

At Shana, we only use the finest ingredients. We do not compromise on taste and place the highest priority on quality and convenience. To ensure that everyone can enjoy Shana products, they are available within the frozen section of supermarkets and independent stores.

Our Guarantee

To show you just how much we believe and are committed to our products, we have a quality policy which guarantees that, if you are not satisfied with our product, a refund will be made. Please return the packaging to our customer service stating the nature of your complaint, as well as when, where and when it was purchased. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Product Quality

Product Quality

At Shana Foods we believe in quality and are passionate about it. Only the finest ingredients go into the making of any Shana products.

All of the products in Shana's 'Gourmet Range' are halal certified by the HMC (Halal Monitoring Committee). The HMC is an independent, non-profit registered charity organisation whose main aim is to certify the production of genuine Halal food. The HMC complies with UK laws for food production as well as Islamic dietary compliance laws. These include, but are not limited to, hygiene and quality, animal welfare, and issues of food safety all within compliance of UK law and teachings of the Islamic faith. The HMC works with companies who are involved in the production and supply of Halal food to independently certify all products to provide assurance to the Muslim community that all food meets the high standards of Halal.



Do your products contain dairy?

A few of our products do contain dairy and some of our products MAY contain milk, please check individual products for more information.

Do your products contain gluten?

All of our breads contain gluten as well as our snack and gourmet meat range. However, none of our vegetables contain gluten. Please note that although our range of frozen exotic vegetables don’t contain gluten, they may be cut, washed and frozen in a factory that does produce other gluten products.

What is the difference between Shana's Plain Lacha Paratha and Shana's Original Paratha?

Shana’s Lacha paratha is folded slightly differently to Shana’s original paratha in the manufacturing process. Shana original paratha is folded 24 times which gives it the flakiness and causes it to puff up in the cooking process. Shana Lacha paratha is made with similar ingredients, but by a very different process. The dough is stretched into a long rope and then coiled so that it looks like a spiral. This is then flattened to give it its ‘swirl’ appearance of layers, which only adds to its irresistible taste.

Do any of Shana's products contain GM ingredients?

No. No GM crops are used in the makings of any of Shana’s products.

Where can I find information on Shana products?

All of the nutritional information of Shana’s products are available to see on the back of their packaging. Alternatively, if you go to the products page where you will be able to select each product individually to view their nutrition content.

Do your products contain nuts?

No. None of Shana’s products contain nuts, however we cannot guarantee that traces of nuts will not be present. Please note that the factory used to produce Shana’s products may use nuts in other products. Please check the back of each packet for further details.

Are your products suitable for vegetarians?

All of our products with the ‘V’ symbol do not contain any meat or animal fat. You can find more information about this on our products page.

What is paratha?

A paratha is an Indian flatbread that originates in the northern part of the Indian sub-continent. It is popular because of its crispy, soft texture and light savoury taste.

Is the meat used in Shana's Gourmet meat range halal?

Yes, all of the meat used in our gourmet meat range is halal, which is certified by the HMC (Halal Monitoring Committee)

Do any of Shana's products need to be defrosted prior to cooking?

No. Nothing from our frozen range needs to be defrosted before cooking, which saves more time for eating!

How do I cook my Shana products?

Shana’s products are extremely fast and easy to cook, as there is no need to defrost any of our products. For example, our South Asian breads can go straight into a pan without any butter or oil. Turn them occasionally and within 3 minutes you're good to go! All instructions are available on our products page. Alternatively, all instructions are clearly written on the back of packets/boxes.

Where do I keep my Shana products at home?

All Shana products should be kept in your freezer at a temperature of -18°C. Appliances may vary, please refer to you manufactures guidelines for further information.

How long will Shana's products keep for in my freezer?

Shana products will stay fresh in your freezer for around 18 months. Please see the individual best before dates on the back of each products packaging.

Where can I buy your products?

Shana’s products are available to purchase in selected Asda’s, Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s and Morrison’s stores, as well as all good ethnic independent stores. Just be sure to check in the frozen section! Check our store locator to see where you nearest stockiest is. If you struggle to find any of our products, please contact the office where we will be more than happy to locate your nearest store.

Can I buy Shana products online?

All of Shana’s products are frozen, so unfortunately you cannot purchase them online though our website. However, they are available to purchase online through some supermarket websites. Alternatively, Shana’s products are available to purchase in selected Asda’s, Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s and Morrison’s stores, as well as all good ethnic independent stores. Just be sure to check in the frozen section!

Can I buy Shana products outside the U.K.?

Some of Shana Products are available to purchase in selected countries outside the U.K. Please contact us directly for further details.

I want to start selling Shana products in my store, how can I do that?

Please contact the Shana office on Tel: +44(0)20 8782 3200 and ask to speak to a member of the sales team.

What does IQF mean?

IQF stands for Individual Quick Freezing. It is a type of freezing process that we use for our frozen exotic vegetable range. Shana’s vegetables are carefully hand-selected close to the time of harvest from farms that maintain the highest quality and freshness. They are then washed, cut/peeled and quickly individually frozen to ensure that the tenderness, taste and all nutritional goodness is retained. We don’t add any water during the IQF process, providing you with nature’s best.

Are Shana's frozen vegetables better than fresh alternatives in the market?

Shana’s frozen exotic vegetables are frozen using the IQF process. We freeze our vegetables within 1-2 hours of harvest; this ensures that our vegetables retain all their nutritional goodness, providing you with natures best. The vegetables that you would buy at markets often take 9-14 days to reach your kitchen, resulting in nutrient loss.

Are there any job vacancies at Shana?

We do not currently have any vacancies, but if you wish to send us your CV please use the following email address:

How do I get in touch with Shana?

Just email us at where the Shana team will happily be in touch as soon as possible.

Is Shana the number 1 Paratha Brand?

Shana’s market share is 36.1%, the second brand’s market share is 25.4%, the third brand’s market share is 17.4% and all other brands market share is 21.1% - 52 w/e 18th April 2021, Frozen & Ambient Parathas Purchase Data, Kantar, Worldpanel FMCG *Total Parathas growth at 12.7%.

If your question doesn’t appear above, just give us a shout and we’ll be more than happy to find the answer. Reach us by email any time! We'll do our best to respond as quickly as possible.