Fun Frozen Facts

  • Despite some old wives’ tales, freezing food does not remove any nutrients. Freeze away!
  • Frozen foods keep for long periods of time. Frozen food is a constant source of quick and nutritious food!
  • Seasonal crops that are frozen during times when ripening is natural, tend to be better tasting than those forced versions grown out of season
  • Freezing reduces the number if potentially harmful bacteria that could cause food poisoning.
  • Frozen goods generally remain at a steady price and always provide great value ☺
  • Frozen products are normally picked at their peak and flash frozen to maintain all the flavour and nutrients.
  • Frozen Vegetables can count towards 1 of your 5 a day!! Remember freezing locks in most vitamins and minerals!!
  • Food wastage is an ever-growing issue. Frozen foods are easy to store and use when you want.

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