Bread waste in the UK

Did you Know…
In the UK, we throw away 24 million slices of bread a day.

And if we lined the bread flat, side by side, it would go around the world 21 times, that’s the amount we waste every year.

That’s a jaw-dropping amount of wastage, and we’re just talking about bread! We want you to start using your freezer more often to stop all this wastage. Your freezer is not just for your lonely pack of frozen peas!

Learn to love your freezer for more of your everyday items including bread! How many of you place your bread in your fridge to keep it fresher? Well it is a common misconception that bread actually stays fresher in the fridge. In actual fact, it is better for you to leave your bread in a bread bin or better yet to place it in your freezer to retain its freshness as long as possible.

Here’s the technical bit… Bread goes more stale in the fridge because water molecules detach themselves from the starch molecules and the starch molecules begin to take their original shape and harden again. The cool temperature of the refrigerator makes this dehydration process happen more quickly!

But freezing bread could be your best bet, because frozen bread retains its freshness at the time it was frozen. Better yet, our range of frozen breads do not require any preservatives allowing them to retain more nutrients, fiber and fresh ingredients to give you a more authentic experience in the convenience of your own home.

So next time you do your weekly shop, visit the freezer aisles and pick up a pack of our Shana Naan bread, Flame baked in a traditional tandoor oven and flash frozen for your convenience, you are not only getting a Naan with a soft inner texture and charred crisp edge, but one that will stay fresher for longer! Available in 3 varieties; Chilli & Coriander, Garlic or Plain, our Naan’s are preservative free and contain only fresh ingredients. Ready in a matter of minutes, these are an ideal accompaniment to your curry’s and much more. Why not check out our recipe page for some great ideas!

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